At the June 11th, City Council meeting, the nomination of Anthony Pagano, Fire Commissioner was confirmed.  The official swearing-in ceremony was held at City Hall on July 2nd.  The new "Commish" has served the City of Yonkers Fire Department since November 18, 1982.  Commissioner Pagano was President of Local 628, International Association of Firefighters from 1988 to the present.  In his role as Union President, Tony won the respect of the membership for his leadership and won the admiration of the Yonkers community for his philanthropic works.  We look forward to his tenure as the seventh Commissioner of the Yonkers Fire Department.



After leading the department for three years, Pete Guyett resigned his position as Commissioner and returned to his civil service status as Assistant Chief.  Under his tenure, the department purchased 1 Tower Ladder, 1 Rescue, 2 Aerial Trucks and 3 Pumpers and successfully instituted an AED program. 



Twenty Probationary Firefighters have recently been assigned to neighborhood firehouses.  Appointed April 5th, the new firefighters underwent a demanding 14 weeks of training under the direction of YFD's Training Academy staff. At the end of the twelfth week, a Skills and Drills Day was held so that family members could view first hand what their new firefighter had learned.



Two new Engines were placed into service in March 2002.  The American LaFrance Pumpers were assigned to Engine Companies 308 and 309.   The apparatus are equipped with a 430 horsepower Detroit Diesel Series 60 motor, Allison 4060 PR Transmission, Waterous 1000 GPM two-stage pump with a 500 gallon water tank.  Other features include - Air Conditioned crew cab, roll up doors on all compartments, aluminum rims, a Federal "Q" siren and Fire Bell. Click here for photo.



Beginning this July the YFD commissioned a new Marine unit.  "Marine 1",  as designated by the Department, will provide fire protection on the River and along the waterfront area of Yonkers.   The 4 plus miles of Hudson River water frontage within City limits is one of the nations most heavily trafficked navigable waterways.  For the first time the YFD will be able to respond immediately to fire and assistances calls on the river.  The current Yonkers Waterfront Development project demonstrates the need for fire protection on the Hudson River within Yonkers.  Marine 1 will enable the YFD to respond to that need.    Click here for Photos and Specifications of Marine 1. 



The Yonkers Fire Department is participating in this year's U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Recall Round-up. Recall Round-up is a national fire safety campaign designed to round-up defective or recalled unsafe products. The Yonkers Fire Department is supporting this effort on a local level by designating all firehouses in the City as drop-off locations for these defective products. The citizens of Yonkers may drop off such defective items as cigarette lighters, children's decorative lamps, toasters, extension cords, halogen floor lamps and hair dryers. For a list of recalled products, contact U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at 1-800 638-2772.


Y.F.D. Hires 48 Probationary Firefighters

The Yonkers Fire Department appointed 48 Probationary Firefighters at a ceremony held on October 27, 2000. It was a fine day for Yonkers Bravest! A capacity crowd of family, friends, and City officials were present for the swearing in of the new hires and for the promotion of two Captains and two Lieutenants.

At a reception following the ceremony, the crowd was treated to an apparatus dedication ceremony conducted by the Cityís Mayor, John D. Spencer, the Fire Commissioner, Peter S. Guyett, and the Departmentís Chaplain, Father John Lennon. The apparatus that were dedicated are Ladder 72, a Seagrave Rear-Mount Aerial and Rescue 1, an American La France. The gathering was also treated to an exhibit of fire archive photos, along with a side-by-side display of past and present fire fighting gear.

This is the second largest class of Probationary Firefighters hired by the City. The largest group, the class of 1979, was comprised of 54 members. Before being assigned to a neighborhood firehouse, the Probies will receive fourteen weeks of training by members of the Y.F.D. Training Division.

Yonkers Fire contractually follows the NFPA minimum company staffing level of one fire officer and three firefighters.


New Res1cue Apparatus Arrives

On Monday, October 16, 2000, YFD vehicle number 004 was placed into service as Rescue Company 1. The new apparatus features an American La France chassis, with a tilt-three-door cab and interior Haz-mat work station. Powered by a 430hp Detroit Diesel engine with an Allison HD 4060 Pr transmission it has an overall length of 32 feet. A wheel base of 210 inches gives a turning radius of 32 feet. On board it has a PTO driven 25kw generator, a built in Lukas Rescue tool and hose reels to supply both air and portable electric tools. Click Here to view photo.

EMS Agency of the Year

Department-wide medical training and widespread distribution of life-saving heart defibrillators helped the Yonkers Fire Department win two regional EMS awards this year. The Hudson Valley Regional Emergency Medical Services Council presented the Agency of the Year award to the Yonkers Fire Department on June 14, 2000. Earlier in the month, the Westchester County Emergency Medical Services Council presented the Department with its Certificate of Achievement award. The Department made significant improvements in emergency medical services over the past year. It has over 250 state-certified EMS providers among its ranks, ranging from Certified First Responder to Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic. Also this past year the department implemented a Public Assess Defibrillation Program in which all YFD units responding to EMS emergencies now carry an automatic external defibrillator. The defibrillators allow firefighters to administer a life-saving electric shock to patients suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Over 400 members of the department have been trained and certified to operate the defibrillators. The program saved its first life in April, when four firefighters from Engine 307 responded to a medical emergency involving an elderly woman in full cardiac arrest.  The firefighter defibrillated the woman, who was then transported by ambulance to St. Joseph's Hospital Medical Center. She was released after a short hospital stay.

Museum News

August 25th and 26th were the "kick off" days for the rehab of old Station 8,  site of YFD’s soon to be realized Fire Museum.   The Yonkers Fire Department Commemorative Society enlisted the help of department members to open the building for the first time in many years and begin the arduous task of cleaning out the debris. Off duty Fire Department personnel will be working on the building each Wednesday and Thursday through October 28, 1999.

In the Fall of ’97, the Yonkers City Council unanimously voted to dedicate Old Station 8 for use as a Fire Museum to be administered by the Yonkers Fire Department Commemorative Society Inc. Old Station 8, located at 607 Warburton Avenue, has been unused since the early 1980’s when the station closed because the stucco, clay roofed building was too small. Originally built as a carriage house, and within close proximity to the Hudson River Museum, the Fire Museum will also serve as a center for teaching children about fire safety and prevention.

The new Fire Museum will house more than just small pieces of department history; it will also include a 150 year old pumper once pulled by Yonkers Firefighters. In addition to fire service tradition and history, the Fire Museum will provide the community with education and recreation opportunities.

Anyone wanting to contact Hugh Fox, Jr. President of the YFD Commemorative Society regarding this museum project can e-mail him at the following address:


On May 13, 1999, the New York State AFL-CIO’s 1999 Edward J. Cleary Community Services Award was presented to the Yonkers Firefighters IAFF Local 628, president, Anthony Pagano.

This award recognizes a local union, which has made a major contribution of lasting and significant value to the community. In the award announcement, the Yonkers Firefighter family was praised for its fund raising efforts for Ronald McDonald House. Last year the firefighters raised over $25,000 making it possible for families to stay together while their children were receiving cancer treatments in New York City. The award recognizes that firefighters know the importance of the support they give each other in life and death situations, so they also understand the importance of family support for sick children. When it became apparent that the Ronald McDonald house needed help in raising money so that they would not have to turn away families, the Yonkers Firefighters went to work to help raise the needed money. This was not an easy job! It required creative ideas and a lot of hard work.

The Edward J. Cleary Community Services Award was established this year to foster an ethic of service to the community among IAFF affiliates. Each year it will honor an affiliate local who has harnessed the collective strengths and talents of their members to benefit others. The Yonkers Firefighters are proud to be the recipient of this award!


On April 7, 1999, Peter S. Guyett was sworn in as Commissioner of the Yonkers Fire Department. A department veteran, Commissioner Guyett served the City of Yonkers Fire Department for twenty-eight years. Appointed as a probationary firefighter in 1971, he quickly moved through the ranks becoming a Lieutenant in 1978, a Captain in 1982, and an Assistant chief in 1991. The new Commissioner also served the membership as a board member of the Fire Officer’s bargaining unit, and later he was appointed 1s Deputy Commissioner in charge of Personnel. Yonkers’ Mayor John Spencer swore in the new "Commish" before a standing-room-only audience of family, friends, and department members. At the ceremony, Commissioner Guyett spoke to us about his dream, starting some forty years ago, of one day leading the department. In his first moments as our new Commissioner, he shared with us his vision for the department, and his love for the job and its members who make the job what it is. We look forward to Commissioner Peter Guyett leading the YFD into the new millennium.


The Yonkers Fire Department appointed thirty-one (31) Probationary Firefighters on January 15, 1999. Over a period of thirteen weeks, these new firefighters will be instructed in a variety of subjects to help them make the transition from civilian life.

Among the many subjects to be taught, the Probationary Firefighters will be taught everything they wanted to know, and more, about one of the most important pieces of equipment they will come in contact with as a firefighter, their SCBA or Self-contained breathing apparatus. When their instructor feels they have mastered the SCBA, they will don a darkened, face piece and negotiate a Mask Confidence Course. This course consists of a maze of tunnels stairs, ramps and other obstacles. The darkened, face piece simulates smoke conditions found at fires. The maze tests their knowledge of lessons learned while in class, and also tests their ability to handle emergency situations they may come upon while searching a house or apartment.

"Probies" will learn the duties of an Engine Company, some of which are hose stretches, hydraulics, master streams and the use of firefighting foam. They will learn the duties of a Truck Company, some of which are aerial ladder operations, search and rescue, ventilation, and the use of ground ladders. They will learn about Hazardous Materials and about rope rescue operations. They will practice scaling the outside of a six-story building, using a Pompier (single beam) ladder. Toward the end of the thirteen weeks, they will receive EMS training as a Certified First Responder.

After the thirteen weeks, they will graduate from Probationary Firefighter School and take their place in one of the finest Fire Departments in New York State and the entire United States.


After 32 years of service to the Yonkers Fire Department, Thomas J. Lorio, Jr., Commissioner of the Yonkers Fire Department has announced his plan to retire on January 13, 1999.

Commissioner Lorio began his career as a Probationary Firefighter in January, 1967; and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in September, 1974; to Captain in April, 1989; and to Commissioner in April, 1995. As the Fire Commissioner for New York State’s fourth largest city he established department policy and was responsible for planning and directing the fire suppression and fire prevention services of the Department.

Deputy Commissioner, James T. Hammer will serve as the department’s Acting Commission.


Yonkers has accepted the delivery of four new SMEAL 1000 gallon Pumpers. The new apparatus will be assigned as follows:

Engine 304 Station 4 36 Radford Street
Engine 307 Station 7 441 Central Park Avenue
Engine 310 Station 10 573 Saw Mill River Road
Engine 312 Station 12 75 Fortfield Avenue

The new Pumpers will replace 1988 & 1990 Mack Engines. The Smeal vehicles are built on a HME chassis, have ABS brakes, and an air-conditioned Euro-style tilt cab. The power train is a 400 H.P. Detroit Diesel with an Allison Transmission and retarder. The rigs are equipped with 1000 gallon Waterous two-stage pumps and have a deck gun permanently affixed mid ship. The new pumpers are NFPA compliant, at the time of production, as are all new Yonkers Fire Department apparatus.  The next 'Feature Article' (Dec-Jan, 98) will be about, and have photos, of all our recently aquired apparatus.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

The YFD is currently evaluating various Thermal Imaging Cameras. These devices can locate heat sources through smoke and darkness. Including the heat given off by people. On April 22nd, Fire Research Inc. provided the department with a live burn demonstration of their Life Sight Thermal Imagining Camera (TIC). The unit is a hand-held model with the additional feature of a wireless transmitter and receiver/monitor that can be setup at a remote location. This feature enables others, outside of the location, to view what the member using the unit is seeing.  Department members participating in the demonstration will compile their comments to aid us in the evaluation process. On May 8th we received a Life Sight TIC to use in a field test. In June, we have a date for a demo of a unit manufactured by Bullard. 

During the past few months the Department has effectively used TIC units at both structure fires and Hazardous Material Incidents.  These incidents will be a major consideration in the evaluation process.

Yonkers Fire Museum

The Yonkers Fire Department Commemorative Society, a/k/a Yonkers Fire Museum has been advised by NY State Senator Nick Spano and NY State Assemblyman Michael Spano that it has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the NY State Senate.

In September, 1997 the Yonkers City Council unanimously voted to dedicate Old Firehouse 8 on Warburton Avenue to the Fire Department for use as a Fire Department Museum.

Old Firehouse 8, located just north of School 25 on Warburton Avenue, has been unused since the early 1980's when the station closed because the stucco, clay roofed building was too small. Originally built as a carriage house, and within close proximity to the Hudson River Museum and the Museum Jr. High School, the Fire Museum will also serve as a center for teaching children about fire safety and prevention.

New Apparatus

The YFD recently placed in-service, and assigned to Ladder 72,  a Seagraves 100-foot rear mount aerial ladder truck. A Series 60-470 horsepower Detroit Diesel, with Allison transmission powers the new rig.  Additional features are ABS brakes and, two separate air conditioners with individual controls for driver/officer and crew cab. The truck also has a video camera mounted on the rear with a monitor at the driver’s position.  The New L72 is the model for the Opening Animation at this web site and a photo of the rig can be seen by clicking on that animation.

Fire Safety Education

The Yonkers Fire Department’s NFPA Learn Not to Burn, fire safety education program held its second annual teacher-training seminar on March 18th at the Pearls Hawthorne School in southwest Yonkers. This year the program has expanded from ten classes to twenty-five classes reaching 705 Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3 students. Last year’s program included pre and post testing which concluded that there was a 22% gain in fire safety knowledge among the students that participated in the program. For more fire safety education information contact the NFPA.


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