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Fire Safety Presentation

Fire Safety Presentations are provided by personnel from our Fire Prevention Division. We have given  presentations to  Community Organizations, Extended Care Facilities, our local Schools, Hospitals and at Community Events.  Utilizing Fire Safety Puppets, Fire Safety Literature and products or our Fire Safety House, our Fire Prevention Division strives to provide Safety Education year-round.
Curb-side seminars, utilizing Fire apparatus from the local fire stations, are made available to groups during Fire Prevention Week.
Fire Prevention Week this year is October 9-15 and the theme is "Use Candles with care"

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Lt. P. Maloney explains fire safety
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Lt. P. Maloney with Firefighter Frank

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Ff. N. Downes operates one of the Fire Safety Puppets.

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Firefighter Frank

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Curbside Seminar

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Fire Safety House

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