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Emergency Scene 
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The radio code signal for a Structure fire in Yonkers is
10-29. A signal 10-30 is broadcast when the IC deems it necessary to utilize all the resources on the First Alarm Assignment.

The YFD's response to a 
10-29 / 10-30 Structure fire
,  is 4 engine companies, 2 ladder companies, Rescue, Battalion Chief (Asst. Chief & Aide), Safety and MSU.

Structure fires which require alarms beyond the 1st alarm assignment are referred to as 'Multiple Alarm' fires. 

Each subsequent alarm receives 2 additional engine companies and an additional ladder company for each alarm.

We have also included some non-fire photos.  These photos while not as visually dramatic are indicative of the many other functions performed by the YFD.

One photo shows the resourcefulness of a elderly women who needs a pail of water.  She can't retrieve it from her household faucet because firefighting efforts on her block have dropped the domestic water pressure.

Emergency Scene 3
Emergency Scene 4

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3rd Alarm 2

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4th Alarm

4th Alarm

3rd Alarm 1

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All of these photos are copyrighted and cannot be used without the consent of the photographer.

Photos by Michael Messar

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