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Special Operations
High Angle Rescue

Article - A/C  W. Fitzpatrick

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Photos: Tom Wanstall

One of the many Special Operations the Yonkers Fire Department performs is "High Angle Rescue".

Performing High Angle Rescue requires specialized training.  Squad 1 along with Tower Ladder 71 has been training for this type of incident for the past few years.  All officers and firefighters have received certification in high angle rescue from New York State.  Some of the members have been trained as instructors through the advanced level.  They, in turn, are training other members of the department.  L74 is scheduled to complete the program by the end of the year.

Training has been conducted on local water towers, buildings, steep embankments along the Hudson River, water tunnel shafts and other high points around the city.

Department members assigned to these units train daily in such skills as knots, anchoring, rappelling, patient packaging, line transfer, raising and lowering systems and the efficient use of mechanical advantage systems.

The photos to the right are from a recent training exercise which culminated with a line transfer performed over 200 feet above the ground.  The exercise simulated the rescue of a worker such as a window washer or painter who was trapped on a line.

This training exercise was conducted at the North Yonkers Water Tower, Executive Blvd.




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Coming off the Top.

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One Small Step... And your off

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Line Transfer.

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